Tea Kettle Success!

The call was for TEN tea kettles to be donated in one day to provide comfort for refugee Afghani families, and my community delivered in lightening speed!

Thank you Tim & Rhonda, Claire, Anna, Cass and Megan for making this happen in record time. I know the generous spirits of each one of you, and I am so proud to have you in my circle. Thank you!

There are still LOTS of personal care items needed, especially those that benefit women and children, just waiting to be purchased from our Amazon Wish List. Shop this list, or send Walmart gift cards and I'll do the shopping for you! Contact me at info@darcycastro.com for more info.

What's truly crucial, however, is funds donated directly to our fundraising drive to support the work of the International Rescue Committee here in Atlanta to support Afghan refugee families in dire need. Did you know these families receive very limited support from the US government, even though they worked for the US armed forces during the war. Families receive a small cash stipend of $1,080 per person, that is then tapped into by non-governmental organizations and charities that step in to help the families resettle. The small lump sum must go to pay for security deposits, paying back the cost of the flight (even on a military cargo plane) and other expenses to set the family up in their new hometown. Very little of those funds make it into the hands of the family.

It takes $$$$ to start over. To leave everything behind and flee with your family, Juan and I believe it is our moral obligation to help those who helped us during the war in Afghanistan. We promised to not leave them behind. We do so in honor of Juan's 27 years of service in the Air Force. Join us as we give, from our abundant blessings and good fortune, to help our Afghan allies find safety and a new life in the US. DONATE HERE

We're only up to $10,150. Who will step up with the next $1,000, $5,000 or more? We kicked in $2,500 AND have committed to being matched with a family, working closely with them to mentor and support them in their new life in Georgia. Who's next? DONATE TODAY


Peace friends-