Lots of Amazon deliveries...

Thanks to all of you, the Amazon delivery folks are getting a workout walking up the hill to our front door each day. Keep it coming!

Five donors have kicked in funds and we are currently at $10,050. Our goal is $50,000 and I hope you - and those in your networks - will step up to contribute to the cause. Cash raised will provide financial assistance to refugee families resettling in the US. The International Rescue Committee's (IRC) Family Sponsorship Program equals a donation of $5,000 per family, plus a match with a volunteer dedicated to mentoring the family in person. Juan and I will be serving in that role, and recruiting other local families to do the same.

I'm meeting in person with the Executive Director and the Director of Development of the Atlanta chapter of the IRC next week to discuss the specific allocation of the funds raised from our campaign, and about the plight of refugees here in Atlanta. I will be providing an update on what I learn.

I will also be delivering the first round of goods from our donation drive to benefit women and children. Thank you to the many families who have purchased from our Amazon wish list. We've enlisted our kids to manage the incoming packages and track what's been received, so rest assured, Together For Afghanistan is truly a Castro family effort!

Thank you to this week's donors:


Tim Rose & Rhonda DeBok

Grant Webber

Ben MacKenzie

Friends and family, Juan and I kicked in $2,500 to the cause. I challenge you, who will be next? Donate direct to our fund! And please, share TogetherForAfghanistan.com with your networks to help support these vulnerable families as they are starting over.

~ Darcy