Join us, Together for Afghanistan

Join Mrs. Georgia America 2021 Darcy Castro and LtCol Juan Castro to provide meaningful support for families resettling in the US after fleeing Afghanistan. We’re asking you to tap into your compassion to give generously to fund the International Rescue Committee’s (IRC) Family Sponsorship Program and resettlement initiatives for Afghan refugees. In addition, we are calling on you to advocate for these vulnerable families and participate in community service for resettlement programs in your own communities.

Our family has volunteered for the IRC Family Sponsorship Program, funding and mentoring an Afghani family in their first year in our Atlanta community. We invite you to follow our journey and learn how you can help by donating and subscribing to our monthly newsletter at

Ways you can make a difference:

DONATE: Help Afghan families arriving in the US on Special Immigrant Visas meet their immediate need of housing, food and clothing. The IRC’s Family Sponsorship Program and your donation will provide funds and match refugees with local families who can mentor them closely as they resettle into the US. Donate direct through our grassroots effort with the IRC.

GIVE: Purchase items that are greatly needed for refugee women and children in their daily lives as they care for their families and have the opportunity to start school in their new communities. Participate in our Amazon drive, or email to donate cash or gift cards and let us do the shopping for you.

VOLUNTEER: Your skills are a valuable asset to our new Afghani neighbors. They need the help of us, their new friends who care about their future and success in the US. Learn more about contacting your elected officials, becoming an English tutor and educating your networks about the needs of Afghan refugees.

Email the Whitehouse to protect at-risk Afghans

Learn more about the Georgia Coalition for Refugee Service Agencies

Contact your elected official to ask for their commitment to protect at-risk refugees

Take action with the IRC

About the International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Atlanta creates opportunities for refugees and immigrants to integrate and thrive in Georgia communities. Since opening in 1979, the IRC's locally funded office in Atlanta has welcomed more than 27,000 refugees from over 60 countries to resettle in communities across the state. A committed staff of professionals and volunteers work together to assist families in reuniting and rebuilding their lives in the greater Atlanta area. The IRC in Atlanta offers a broad range of programs including resettlement and case management services, adult education classes, youth programs covering age 5 to 24, employment assistance, asset building resources, community health response programs, and immigration services, all of which serve close to 3,500 clients per year. Learn more:

About Mrs. Georgia America 2021 Darcy Castro

Leader, author and on-air personality, Darcy Castro creates content that speaks to the hearts of women from all walks of life. Her Empowerment Academy and #StrongWomenStrongWorld initiative foster a climate of growth and respect for women of all identities to realize their potential as changemakers, both in their own lives and in their communities. Her diverse life experiences and professional background have made her a force in the pageant industry and beyond. Learn more at