It's almost move-in day...

As I write this, we are 3 days away from moving our sponsored Afghan refugee family into their apartment. Our #TogetherForAfghanistan project has been a labor of love since we kicked it off last September, and Juan and I are thankful to the kindness and generosity of all of YOU for supporting this worthy cause. The family includes 2 adults and 4 children, and as a mother myself, I feel that our efforts will bring comfort to these vulnerable children. I am filled with gratitude that this community effort is coming to fruition.

Not only have you helped us raise nearly $11,000 in funds for the International Rescue Committee to continue their vital work addressing the multiple humanitarian crises around the world, but so many of you have donated funds and household items that go directly towards setting up housing for our sponsored family. Our garage is filling up with all the things we've bought, that you've sent us, that have been donated by new friends and contacts locally, and that you've graciously sent us funds to buy on your behalf.

Juan and I (and whatever local volunteers we can muster up!) load up our rented U-Haul on Thursday, then drive over to the apartment in Clarkston, GA on Friday morning to unload and set up. The family will arrive later that day after we have cleared out, as we want to give them their space and privacy to settle in. Then, we will meet with them in a week or so, along with a caseworker from the IRC, to be formally introduced and map out next steps.

Being a Family Match partner with the IRC means that we have and will do three things:

  1. Raise at least $5,000 for the IRC to continue their work locally and around the globe. (Check!)

  2. Procure everything needed for an apartment set up. (Just about there!)

  3. Work with the family as mentor, support and advocate for the following year.

I will continue to share what we learn in this ongoing process. My goal for our #TogetherForAfghanistan campaign is two-fold: Rally our network to join us in supporting this family AND share everything that we learn in order to increase compassion for refugees who have been forced to leave everything behind to seek safety for their families in our communities. I know immigration can be a hot-button issue, and we have NO political opinion or motive with our service. We feel compelled to help this particular community of those less fortunate, and if this work has at all opened any heart to help those in need - of any race, background, creed or nationality - then we have succeeded.

Here is what is needed in this 11th hour to get our apartment set up. If you'd like to help, please reach out to me at

Peace, friends!