Got a minute for advocacy?

Made your donation to our fund or donated supplies, and looking for some hands on work you can do right now?

Take out a few moments of your day for some digital advocacy.

Here in Georgia, our elected officials may need a little positive nudge to ensure our state remains welcoming to refugees, especially our Afghan allies who we promised to care for.

Whatever state you live in and regardless of politics, if you feel moved to do so, reach out to your elected officials to make your concerns heard.

Here's a sample script:

“My name is ______. I am a constituent from (City), (State) who supports Afghans seeking resettlement in the US and wants my state leaders to act now to aid those in need. In this rapidly evolving crisis, I ask that you do what you can to commit to protecting at-risk Afghans and remain a welcoming state to all who choose to live here. Thank you.”


Governor Brian Kemp: 404-656-2846

Senator Jon Ossoff: 202-224-3521

Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan: 404-656-0188

Senator Raphael Warnock: 202-224-3643

Speaker of the House David Ralston: 404-656-5020

Georgia state assembly directory

Find your Member of Congress at

Quick and easy federal outreach:

Visit the International Rescue Committee's National Advocacy page at to easily send a specific message to federal officials, in particular the White House and President Biden.