Car seats urgently needed!

I am happy to report that in my last trip to the IRC Atlanta office, I was able to deliver 5 car seats, which are urgently needed to accommodate the families arriving from Afghanistan with small children. I'm headed there again tomorrow (Friday 11/4), so if you'd like to participate, you can Venmo your donation to @Darcy-Castro, and I will make another stop for purchases before I go tomorrow.

Families are arriving in Georgia from Afghanistan as we speak, and the staff of the IRC are working fervently to get them into safe and affordable housing. Not only are these families dealing with the trauma of leaving their homes with barely any of their possessions, but they are nurturing small children through very frightening and uncertain times. Please join us, #TogetherForAfghanistan, as we unite in compassion for our Afghan allies.

Donate at and please feel free to reach out to Juan or I for more information at

Peace friends!