A dress for Mrs. America

Meet Olga. She's a professional seamstress originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a refugee that has benefitted from the International Rescue Committee's (IRC) resettlement programs. In fact, Olga has been a part of their business development program, receiving guidance from a volunteer mentor to help establish her own business and contribute to the local economy.

I've hired Olga to create a custom dress for me to wear at Mrs. America, and I'm happy to report that her design concept is amazing and the dress is in production! I hope the unique dress will spark many meaningful conversations about what we can do to support refugee and immigrant women and children who are becoming our neighbors... and friends!

What is the pathway for a family who is lucky enough to have the IRC help in their resettlement? The IRC manages the family's very small government stipend while helping them get their feet on the ground by finding housing and furnishings, enrolling children in school, finding work, attending cultural orientation classes and learning English. These families are not eligible for public assistance, yet will to contribute to the economy far more than they receive in government aid, all while starting businesses at a higher rate than native-born Americans. I'm happy to support Olga's creative work, and I can't wait to share the creation with you!

Join Juan and I, #TogetherForAfghanistan, as we raise much-needed funds for the IRC to bring their valuable services to families in need, arriving from Afghanistan to make a new life here in Georgia. Kick in some $ today!